JIM male deerhound cross has been in rescue for 3 YEARS!

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1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #43830 by Craters_on_the_lawn
I cannot believe this lovely boy has been in rescue so long. : www.facebook.com/NANNA.an...?type=3&theater

He is starting to give up hope.

This is heart-breaking.

The photos don't really do him justice - apparently he is a BIG boy. He's had people interested; but when they meet him and realise how big he is they change their mind.

I also think its a shame the rescue are limiting home offers to people without other dogs "because he just wants to chase them" - well my boy was exactly the same when he was a youngster - but it was only because he wanted to play with all the other dogs in a rather typical for male deerhound way; but not with any malice; just wanted to play rough. Although I appreciate that many dogs really did not appreciate this - when we found other deerhounds or crosses to play with they had a brilliant time because they get it, they understand each other, they want to play in the same way.
I'm sure some of you will have experienced that crazy juvenile deerhound behaviour of wanting to play REALLY ROUGHLY!
So I think there is a possibility this boy could be rehomed with other deerhounds.

Please someone offer him a home.
Or if you can't - please spread the word, there must be a home out there for him somewhere.
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