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Deerhound Originals

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6 years 9 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #42397 by Teratyke
Deerhound Originals was created by Teratyke
Here are some pictures/prints that may be of interest, I received the information by email and have summarised here. The seller is Les Travers, Worthing, East Sussex and can be reached on 07530604064 (UK) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I have attached four images of pictures relating to deerhounds. The first one is an original drawing by an artist named Hayley Tipler. This was done, along with a series of working drawings (which I have also found) to provide a sculptor with the detail with which to carve a sitting deerhound. This was then used to cast four others to form the corner supports for a dining room table. I'm sure this was based on an original table now housed in the Ironbridge Gorge museum. It is beautifully framed and measures 42" x 34". I have noticed on my monitor that the mounting appears to be blue when in fact I would describe it as more green/grey. A little more information I have been given is that the 'shield' was placed around the neck of each dog in place of the original coat of arms. The wording AOIDH URRAMACH is Gaelic and translates to HONOURED GUEST. I think that is all I can tell you about it, I'm afraid. I have been advised to put it up for auction, but I feel my father would have wanted someone to have it who is passionate about deerhounds. I live in Worthing, East Sussex, but I'm sure I could get it to any part of the country. The second picture is a signed, limited edition print by Mick Cawston, I'm sure well known (and probably already held) by most of your members. This one is No. 73. The third picture is another original by Hayley Tipler, I think this one a watercolour. The unusual thing about it is the inclusion of words and that it is still used to produce prints with the permission of the poet/author. The wording reads:

Are days of hunting gone forever,
Will clansmen never more endeavour
To tread their way across heathered ground,
To course the stag with noble hound.
Must rifles now replace this great breed
Of dog renowned for strength and speed.

Though high-powered weapons now scourge the moor,
Of this one fact we can be sure.
No man who stalks or shoots from a hide
Will ever know the feeling of pride
That is given by the sight and sound
Of this paragon - my Scottish Deerhound.

There are various versions of pictures used to accompany these words, including photographs of individual deerhounds, I presume owned by hound enthusiasts. The framed original measures 22" x 18" . I have also included another watercolour of my father's, this time an original by an artist named Richard Alred D.A. I only include this one because it is a picture of hills overlooking Rannoch Moor, one of my father's favourite places for walking his own hounds. He even had a dog named Rannoch, as I'm sure some of your members have.

I do hope these prove of interest to club members, it would be good to see them owned again by deerhound owners.

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