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If you have something that you want to say related to Scottish Deerhounds, maybe something you feel passionately about such as showing, maintaining the working origins of the breed, or lure coursing why not write a short article. We can publish it in our news category and display it on this site. You can include formatted text and pictures. Please contact us for more details.
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Crufts LogoCrufts 2008 is looming. We've created a forum to cover the event. So please post anything Crufts related here. After the event, why not let everyone know how you got on? Access the Crufts forum here.


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Deerhound Caption CompetitionWe couldn't let's 1st year anniversary go past without another competition.

Hanka's photos posted on the forum by Irater (Eva Vobornikova) have been excellent so how about some captions to go with them. Post your captions here.

The winner will as ever be catapulated into a life of fame and fortune (possibly) when we display the best caption right here on the front page! What better way to launch a new career on the comedy circuit!

Hanka and Eva Vobornikova are from the Czech Republic. They have had Scottish Deerhounds since 1997. Enfant Terrible von der Oelmühle (Terinka) was Eva's first dog and she had two litters.

Now there are five deerhounds Balt (6 years), Molly (2 years), Asi (11 months), Eileandour Draggi from Belgium (4 years) and Grayrory´s Drama from Sweden called Randis (2 years) living in small town near Brno.

The Irater website is full of excellent photographs, well worth a look.

Click Read more to see the captions so far and leave your own.

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We recently created a site for a breeder. We were amazed when we looked into the statistics for the site. People from all over the world were interested in deerhounds and not just one or two, but hundreds.

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This article has been kindly submitted to us by Jonathan Self, founder, Darling’s Real Dog Food

What is the ultimate dog food? You know, the food that will optimise a dog’s mental and physical health, ensure a long, enjoyable life and – well – make it happy?


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