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We are running a 32 dog pedigree whippet lure course at Holyrood Park, (Arthur's Seat) central Edinburgh on 9th Aug.
We have been asked by Historic Scotland if we would run a Deerhound stake for 8 pedigree dogs as well.

First come first on the list. We have one entry already.
We have Arran Attmore slipping who is the Waterloo cup slipper.
The course will be approx 400m with roller turns .
Muzzles are optional you know your dog.

The whole course is fenced in but will be a public event if the weather is good there could be up to 20,000 people there. The Fringe cavalcade is going through the park at 2pm and there is a dog show on the same day.

There are rosettes for all competitors and a crystal trophy and engraved rosette for the winner and an engraved rosette for the runner up
I need names and addresses and car registration numbers to issue passes to competitors as the park is closed to all traffic on the day.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Do you think you can dance rings around your owner, give Osian Bolt a run for his money or  belt out a tune better than any poodle? Does your act leave people speechless? Do you garden better than Titchmarsh? Is your show work mesmerising or maybe your pup dreams of stardom? Whatever it is you do then we want to hear from you!

If you’ve got an act you think the world would like to see, then it’s time you applied for Deerhounds Have Talent.

Deerhounds Have Talent will be running on in 2009 and there are absolutely no rules - any talent, any age, any hound - simple as that!
So what are you waiting for, apply here with your audition material and you could be the first deerhound

Any material goes photos, videos or text stories post it here. We also can accept entries by mail or email if you can't get it on the forum.

If you want to send the judges something in the post contact us here for details.

Finally, thank you to Brollachan's great video which started this off.

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Further Update:
Sally and Alan (Claonaiglen) would like to thank everyone for their enquiries and concern about Honey. Good news now as Honey will be going to her permanent home next month. She'll be living with a Whippet/Deerhound lurcher.
Thank you Alan and Sally for all your hard work.
Update : Alan and Sally (Claonaiglen) have kindly taken in the Deerhound 'Honey'. They will be assessing her for suitability to try and find her the best permanent home. If you are interested in homing Honey please make enquiries through the Deerhound Club's (UK) puppy coordinator by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you so much to Alan and Sally for all their efforts to help this dog. You can read Honey's full story here in the forum.

A lady has contacted me who needs to find a new home for a deerhound. She took the dog on a year ago following a death in the original owner’s family. Unfortunately her circumstances have changed drastically and due to increased workload and an episode of ill health she feels she is no longer able to properly care for the dog. The dog is a pure bred 3 ½ year old bitch – although the exact origins and pedigree are unclear at this time. The dog has been liver shunt tested (clear), wormed and vaccinated. The dog is fit and attractive. Sadly the dog is exhibiting signs of stress and I think needs an experienced owner to bring the dog back to her best.

The dog is located in Anglesey, North Wales.

If you think you can help please contact me so I can arrange an exchange of contact details. The situation has come to a head and a resolution needs to be found as quickly as possible.

Please note this is for information to help the future I cannot vouch for or guarantee the suitability, conditionor origins of this dog.

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Jump Monkey Jump

Jump Monkey Jump - I will save you,
ooops missed



Thank you everyone for your entries - you can read them all here in the forum.

Special thanks to the photographer Irater and of course our winner, chook.

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Lure Coursing Deerhound

Wist's full name is Witsend Wistful SC. She is 18 months old and was bred in Canada by Judith Bowman out of Ch. Glenhaven's Palladin X Ch Windshift Waverly at Witsend. She was one of 5 girls in that litter, I picked her because I thought she was the prettiest and she was also the smallest with a really outgoing temperament. I hope that all my Deerhounds will at least Lure Course and up until now I have been very lucky in that respect with all my previous Deerhounds being Multi Best in Field winners. Wist has only been to a handful of trials as they cannot compete until they are at least one year of age and have passed their tests to run, proving that they run with interest and don't interfere with other dogs but she is at this time unbeaten by any other Deerhound in both Lure Coursing and Track Running needing just a few points to finish both Field Championships.


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