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Fernhill Deerhounds in Canada (Barb Heidenreich and Richard Hawkins) have just published their 2012 "Your Scottish Deerhound Primer". This is a handbook with excellent information on deerhound husbandry, diet, exercise, first aid and illnesses from breeders with 40 years of experience. It's available free of charge direct from the Fernhill web site. It should hopefully prove a very useful addition to your library and help to ensure happy and healthy deerhounds. You can also email Barb and Richard directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any comments or questions.

Scottish Deerhound Primer Cover

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Well it's been nearly three years now since Bohann started this brilliant thread and 45 pages later and over 70,000 views it is still going strong. We thought we would highlight a few of the great photos here and please have a look through the thread at all the excellent photos from the start. Thank you everyone.

The King from KimC

Jambie from Jorg and Yoki

Hermione and Luna from Verenav

Finally, Harri from Robb

Aren't they all just great! Please keep them coming.

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UPDATE - Please have a look at the forum here for some great photos of the event.

The Deerhound Club Fun Day is now confirmed for the 28th July at The Polo Field West Wycombe Bucks HP14 3AB. Directions to be found on the All Dogs Lure Racing Website.

The fun day is held each year to introduce Deerhound owners to each other, particularly the ones that may not be involved with showing and to have a great day out.

There will be plenty for your Deerhound to do (all other breeds welcome) and this year’s theme is of course the Olympics! This will include 11 legged race, egg & spoon, handy dog and many more. There will also be Lure Racing, Long Jump, Fastest Recall, BBQ and the Greyhound Gap stand will be there selling their Renowned Beautiful collars – so bring your pocket money!

Please contact Vanessa Lucas for further information ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01273 517314) .

Also please let Vanessa know if you are coming so there's an idea of numbers for catering purposes. Contact by email or phone or on the forum.

All money raised on the day will be donated to Greyhound Gap.

Greyhound Gap is a registered charity that was founded in 2003 by Lisa Cartwright. Lisa’s ambition was to bridge the ‘Gap’ between dogs in kennels to a home. She found many dogs, particularly Greyhounds found the transition from kennel to home life difficult. Her dream was to put dogs into a foster home first. The experienced foster home could assess the dog properly and introduce him to a home environment. If you think that a greyhound from the track will not have come across a glass door, a hoover, television, small dogs, children or even lino you can see how these dogs could find it difficult adjust. This adjusting period is the time most likely for a dog to be returned to the rescue, or worse, moved on to another home.

Since using fostering and a structured assessment programme, Gap has gone from strength to strength successfully homing 100’s of hounds and in the process priding itself in matching the right home to the right dog leading to a home for life.

The photos here are from Spring from the last event in 2010.

Have a look too on the forum for a flavour and more pictures of the 2010 event.

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We are very sorry to hear that Sid Taylor has died. She was the secretary of the UK Deerhound Club and will be greatly missed by everyone.


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The UK Deerhound Club are holding an education day on 8th July 2012 at Longstowe Village Hall, Longstowe, Nr Cambridge, CB23 2UJ

All are welcome and topics for the day are:


1. Talk by Bill Steele (Greyhound Vet) on Running Dog Injuries. Followed by Questions and Answers

2. Fifty Points of the Dog. Explained and shown on a live model wiith audience participation

3. How to Present a Dog in the Show Ring.

Please contact Joyce Bond to book on Tel 01284 729 142 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cost for the day is £17 and all profits go to Deerhound Rescue and to Greyhound Rescue.



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