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Here are some simple (I hope) instructions on how to upload pictures to the forum. Problems? Please ask rather than struggle.

Please note, If you try to upload multiple large images then be prepared for a long wait, upload speeds are usually much slower than download speeds for broadband users (around 10x slower). If your images are several MB in size then consider resizing them locally first. Images uploaded to the site will be downsized, but the resizing can't start until the entire file has been uploaded upload will still take time. Many modern camera's take images in excess of 5MB, if you attched 3x5MB +images you could be in for a long upload time.

Create or reply to a thread, enter the subject of your message and the message itself.

To attach a picture click the Add file button - browse to the file you want to attach (stored locally on your computer).

choose a file

Add as many pictures as you like, they will be listed as shown below..

select several files

Click submit your post will look like this, one thumbnail for each file attached. Clicking the thumbnail brings up a larger view.

final view

If you want your image to appear in the message itself then after selecting the file to attach you need to click the insert button.

insert images

The output will look a bit like this (this example shows one image left as a thumbnail and one inserted into the message.

inserted and thumbnail

Hope this helps! I'll improve it when time allows.

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Resizing pictures for use on the Internet is a very easy to do once you have the correct tools for the job. This is the system I use I can’t guarantee it will work on your computer, or with your pictures. This is a tool for Windows XP.

Firstly you need to download and install the Microsoft Picture Resize tool – its free and simple to use.
To download and install click here, you will be taken to the Microsoft website.

Scroll down and look for and click on the Image Resizer link in the right hand column.


Depending on your computer and internet browser you will be prompted to save or run the program. Use whatever method is appropriate for you, for most people that will be run.
You may get a security warning depending on your computer – I’m going to choose run, again. runsec.JPG
When prompted click next. Then follow the steps though clicking next as appropriat. next next next
When its all installed you should see this message - click finish.
Finish - Hurray

Now you can start resizing images.

Now to resize a picture all you have to do is right click on its thumbnail or file name and click resize. Right click an image
The Resize Pictures dialogue box will appear – choose the relevant options – when resizing for the forum, just pick small. Then click OK. Resize Options
You will now have a new image file, you still have the original and a new smaller version with (small) in the filename. Use this file when posting to the forum, or other websites. When you have done you can delete the small file, but be careful to keep the original. newfile.JPG


You can also resize pictures without installing any software on your computer heres one such website that seems to work well and is free