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Photo by Ricky Bentley of Deerhounds BlogSpot fame.


Why not give lure coursing a go in 2013. There's a lot going on world wide lorazepam so please let us know about forthcoming events.

In the UK there's the British Sighthound Field Association which is open to pedigree hound dogs with 2013 meetings held on:

21 April
19 May
23 June
14 July
18 August
15 September
20 October.

Open to all dogs is All Dogs Lure Racing with events to be held in Buckinghamshire in 2013. Open to Lurchers is the National Lurcher and Racing Club with events held throughout the UK. There's many more too. And here's a video in the forum concerning an event held already in the Netherlands. Hope to see your hounds enjoying themselves in the field this year.