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You will have no doubt have heard the sad news of the far too early loss of Dave.

Vanessa and I met Dave and Jeanie some years ago, through the Deerhound Club, and they became close friends. Dave was so keen on his country sports, and I'm sure that he found it odd that I would want to go off running and climbing, but at least we shared a love of the open countryside. So with that in mind I shall be making a trip to Devon, where I have entered this marathon race to raise some money for Diabetes UK, in his memory. I have run a few marathon races in the past, but hope to run this one, at least in part, with one of Dave's beloved Hartvalley Deerhounds!

The race is organised by the local Rotary Club, who aim to match fund any money raised, as well as claim any tax back: therefore every £10 pledged will raise over £20 for Diabetes UK!!

I know times are hard, and there are a lot of claims on our spare cash, but if you would like to support, and remember Dave, please send cheques payable to DVRC Marathon, and let me know if you are a UK taxpayer. Or see me at the 'Southern' Limited Show. Many thanks!

Cliff Dargonne, 10 Heighton Road, Newhaven, BN9 0RB

01273 517314, 07802716830