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Steve (CiCoch) came up with the great idea of getting a calendar made up featuring some of the best pictures from the site.

There are some fantastic photographers amongst us so please have a go! There is a minimal entry fee and winners will receive their calendar out of the proceeds. Any further monies gained from entry fees or calendar sales will be donated to the North Clwyd Animal Rescue.

We hope the end product should be something really special.

Full details can be found in Steve's forum posts including details of how to pay and enter.

If you'd like to take part please submit your photographs in any/all of the listed categories. The end result will be a printed deerhound Calendar featuring 13 photographs chosen (as the winners) by a panel of our 3 Judges (yet to be found, any impartial volunteers?).

The categories are as follows

  1. Deerhound/s Puppy
  2. Deerhound/s Portrait
  3. Deerhound/s in a Landscape
  4. Deerhound/s in Action
  5. Snow Deerhound/s
  6. Sleepy Deerhound/s
  7. New! Deerhound Just for Fun!