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Congratulations to Lonnkyle Enya of Tannochbrae JC, the ultimate sleepy deerhound!

Sleepy Deerhound

Well, I'm just thrilled to be a finalist!!! That photo of Enya was a once-in-a-lifetime situation of having a camera close to hand at the right time (for a change!) -- I'm so glad others have enjoyed it.

Anyway, the subject is Ch Lonnkyle Enya of Tannochbrae JC, born in Winnipeg Canada in 1997 (father was UK import Waterfield Dispatch to Stranwith), and lived her life in Hillsboro, Oregon, and retired to live downtown Seattle, Washington.  Her biggest claim to fame was winning Best Opposite Sex at our 1999 National Specialty under Mary Girling.She raised one litter of 7 puppies (the oldest of whom, Biff, just turned 10).  Enya never had a bad day, always found the best in life and was a sweetheart to live with. Unfortunately we lost her quite young to Osteosarcoma (she was just over 7 years old). I'm sure she would be happy to be a finalist although perhaps would have preferred a more flattering picture.
Enya’s owner Lyn Robb (see directory listing or

We had a real hard time picking the winner and in the end decided to also pick three runners-up pictures. In no particular order they were…

I'm so tired

Safir or saff(y) for short is 5 years old and is quite a big chap standing 34 inches at the shoulder. He tries to be a bit of a bossy boots at times, but the cat usually puts him in his place, like all deerhounds is a big softy. He loves nothing better than to lounge about on my leather sofas when I'm not looking, and of course loves nothing better than a good walk followed by a good sleep.
Safir’s owner Michael Horning

I love my washing basket

Clunie (pedigree name Kinnauld Merrin Rock) is delighted to be a finalist - it is so easy when all you need to do is sleep, which apart from trying to find food, is her favourite pastime! She is very sad that she can no longer fit into her laundry basket to sleep; she did try an empty cat litter tray but no good!  However she has now discovered the delights of the couch, the comfy chairs and best of all our bed!
She is a lovely scallywag - always up to something and like all deerhounds apart from sleeping loves to run and especially chase her 'comrade in crime' Fingal.

Clunie’s owner Vicky

You go, I'll just stay here

The aptly named Ballach shown here in Scottish Heaven. We believe Ballach has the ‘deerhound slouch’ off to a fine art. If there is a more relaxed dog in the world then it probably needs resuscitation. Thanks for the picture Del.

There were some fantastic entries and we were really torn, but you can see all of the entries in the deerhound forum. We really did enjoy this one so thank you everyone.