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Manticorns Inaria - Inna

It’s been a tough decision, but we’ve settled on a winner for the cutest puppy competition. I emailed the winner, Pia Erasmie in Sweden to ask about her beautiful hound.



Her name is Manticorns Inaria “Inna”. She’s 8 months old now but when I took the picture of her she was only 10 weeks old. At that age she was a tiny monster, now she’s turned in to a HUGE MONSTER ;-) (a lovely one though, luckily).

She’s far from dignified, aristocratic, “restrained” or anything else you find (worship and strive for!) in the personality of an adult Deerhound, but sometimes you can spot a glimpse of what is yet to come…

She’s very cuddly and often behaves like a cat (pressing her long body against ones legs) to get as close as she can to you. Smiling away! Looking like she’s saying – Ahh, you love me anyway, don’t you, you just adore me? And it’s true. Inna is amazing. She’s easy to love… Aren’t they all? =)

You can see all the posts to the cutest puppy competition forum here. There will be a new photo competition in the next couple of weeks, so check back soon. Congratulations Pia and Inna and manythanks to everyone who entered.