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Here is a 'charming' little tale about not very much. Written by the forum, taking turns at 5 words each. Whoever said too many cooks spoil the broth? I have inserted the odd punctuation mark. Read the full thread here.

I met a Deerhound yesterday while walking in the hills. He came bounding towards me when a rabbit shot by! Off he went a running, but the rabbit was too clever, and hid behind a large tree, with pretty flowers that harboured a large squirrel which was really a kangaroo aka sqirroo, with a machinegun! The deerhound called the pack
"you'll never take me alive!" and the sqiroo ran up the deerhound's big leg and and bit him on the hind leg, for which he let out a mighty howl! And jumped ever so high he knocked his head on the moon, saw stars and and floated down by moonbeam a branch of the tree Caught on his collar and the collar broke in half. The Deerhound stood and shook and thought...where was I???
The Squiroo laughed so much he fell off the branch and the hound pounced on sqirroo and took his machinegun and said "who's laughing now"!

The End! (or is it)