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Hey there, we have a great story to tell, it was very exciting here last week and all is well now, thank goodness.

Let's just start, we were out for our shortish afternoon walk just along the empty summer cottages along the lakeshore where we live. Not typical for her, but the 2nd time that week, Disa stayed out longer than we did. Verena called and called and eventually she came. A while later we got our dinner and all was well and Disa retreated afterwards to her couch for a good digestive nap. Verena noticed that Disa seemed extra sensitive on her paws and looked a bit" twitchy"; well, she thought Disa might have been laying "funny" on them and was feeling that tingling sensation when the circulation is interrupted. Only later, when we were supposed to go out for our last time into the yard, the ugly truth hit fully - Disa could barely stand, had extreme motion problems and looked " totally out of it " but was willing to eat (though with difficulties).

First call to a good friend who is a retired vet - they talked all kinds of things and symptoms. Stroke - no; tetanus - no; poison (antifreeze/rat poison ) very unlikely. So nothing conclusive but huge pupils, some fever, big motion problems with perhaps the nervous system affected, soft/normal belly, gums ok, heart, as far as Verena could say ok too. The decision was to wait it out a bit longer monitoring her. Verena syringed some water into Disa, gave lots of Tellington TTouch and Disa seemed to become calmer. Then the call to the emergency vet, who luckily in hindsight, was very unfriendly and also very expensive. So didn't go to him right away, but another call to the vet-friend. She then asked whether Disa might have had access to something alcoholic - not here at home, we know that, but perhaps some rotting fruit in a neighbours compost heap? That didn't seem likely as she had looked impeccable when coming back from her extra walk.

So, after many hours of watching, Verena went to bed. Disa didn't seem seriously ill, but really, really affected by something. Verena reckoned that Disa is the one of all her dogs and hounds who always does things exactly as she wants it and needs it. So, hard as it seems, she thought, if she wants help, she'll wake me up and if she wants to "quietly slip away" she'll do this too. An aspirin went in to bring the fever down and we all went finally to bed - Verena getting up every so often to check in on Disa. The next morning Disa was much better and that evening the explanation came - no not " boozing with a neighbour " – but she had found some pot out there in the neighbourhood (and Verena has a pretty good idea where and will never let Disa go there again!). Obviously Disa having a deep, deep soul and mind decided to give it a try - she had heard some rumors that it makes you relaxed and happy (things like that don't come easily to her). She won't tell us where her very own trip took her, we are a bit jealous - her taking off so far away without taking us with her - and so far!! We haven't seen much of a difference, only quite a bit more exuberance when Verena comes home from work. None of us here, including felines and humans, has ever done something like this and we just hope we do not have an addict amongst us now, who will steal our treasures in order to get more of her drug of choice. Any experiences with that ?????

From the other three Vernon Girls, relieved and slightly curious.

And now a drug free Disa!

Drug Free Dog