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Thank you Verena for sending us this tale and images

The Vernon Girls Train To HuntNa'lee : I, as the Vernon Girl's Elder thought I'd tell you all a bit about the different forms of wildlife/prey you might encounter when travelling - we can not join the journey east as we are needed very much these days in fall to keep our garden free of bear and racoon, a task, Verena and the cats can't possibly do by themselves....

The Vernon Girls Train To HuntHermione piping in: oh yes, do tell, oh yes do!! I am listening!!!!

Na'lee : Let me continue, young one, I need to concentrate and I am asking for the help of all of us here, also Mahak, who meanwhile hunts in other realms - though I am sure she does come every so often to look after us and whisper her wisdom in recipient ears


Disa : As I am also called The Huntress, maybe I can be of some help right now ; I want to point out the 3 main forms of prey we encounter here, as there is the noble deer ………… the magic coyote, a mighty singer and trickster and, last but not least the majestic and strong blackbear



Disa : Ok, we roils ALL know how to hunt deer ( yes we do ! ), thus I won't talk about them ,our ancient prey, our reason d'être....Coyote now are fun, major fun - do not forget they are some very, very distant cousins of ours and it is a battle of similar wits in the end - they will run and make themselves visible, right in front of your mouths and sing to you and taunt you, 2coyotes sounding like 200 and coming from every direction at the same time - and yet, they run ,oh my they run, they bark at you and you can bark back, what a joy !!!! But I swear, they can make themselves invisible in the blink of an eye - and, when we come too close, they will shut up and run and dodge, often splitting up in the last moment possible and taunting us that way, too.....

Mawu : Oh, running, running and being fully agile is so very, very, very important when chasing after them - just aim for one of them and never let your target out of your eyes, do NOT get distracted by all their magic and their tricks....

Hermione : Keep on telling your stories, please do - I think I am in heaven ....I need to learn so much still about all THE FUN we can have out in the bush

Na'lee : To come back to the topic of the stories, let me tell you what is important when hunting bears - ok, first of all, you need a really good nose

and a good brain connected to it, then, you need to trim your ears in every which direction when out and about and, you need to be in really good shape, too!

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt

(role)play is a good way to get into form even your teeth have to be in good shape! And your eyes have to be so keen, so very, very keen, able to notice the slightest movement, all senses have to work really well and be willing to cooperate ( insert :Mawu and Mahak listening ) .

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt

Disa : As you are the one who observes and I am the Huntress, let me continue on - now, that all is sharp and trim and fit and strong we can go out and start the search. One good thing is to have enough roils in the hunting party to scan the horizons in all directions

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt

very, very important is to make sure the bears do not have their kids with them

You can get the babies up a tree and we even managed to get moms and kids up the same tree, but I can tell you, you do not want humans around when you do this

Mawu : Now it is my turn, as I do hunt the most and the most ferocious - try to never confront a bear by yourself, especially not ,when you are young, then they can talkback or take off instead of climbing a tree -this is your ultimate goal, to have the bear up a tree and keep her there - oh what joy to dance around those holy trees then and bark out your victory, again and again and again and......So, you will have to make a plan and work together with the rest of the hunting party - I am the fastest and the wildest at hunts and still, I do know ,where everyone is and who can do what to scare the bear and make her run. You also really have to watch out to not drive them towards your humans. Hues are ridiculously afraid of bears I can tell you out of experience. I once made a bear run up to Verena, totally by accident ( I was on my own and young ) and that was not a good experience for her . So, do make sure you drive the bear away from humans, bears are very afraid of loud noises, that means, bark and yell and swear in her ears as much as you can, and, by all means, do not give the bear time to think things over - surprise them with your actions, be fast, really fast, stay out of reach of their long claws and put the pressure on them, with words and action ! I at least once, nipped into the fat bum of a really big black bear when he looked back for a moment, trying to decide whether to run or turn - this really did the trick, he took off as fast as he could, being too large to climb a tree . The Vernon Girls Train To HuntVerena even watched the whole thing from the distance and couldn't believe my bravery! It is good to come from 3 sides towards a bear, leaving the tree you want her up on open for her - do not underestimate their speed and agility and do not overestimate their brains.....Perhaps you can all start practicing your noise making before we go out on the hunt !!!! I'll go out for some bark-training right now!

Na'lee : Once it is over you will either have a piece of hide, good meat or some bones to eat

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt

you can gorge yourself and then hide the rest for another time

then go and wash yourself off and drink some too

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt

and then, you really deserve a good rest on the most comfy bed you can find !!!

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt

Hermione : ok, I am ready, where are you, where are you all, I can't see you and oh, do I hear my fellow roils there in the distance ??? Come, come on, let's have some FUN

The Vernon Girls Train To Hunt