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TOPIC: New to the Deerhound world

New to the Deerhound world 1 year 2 months ago #43344

I am looking for information from actual owners about the SDH, more so than what you read over and over again on line. I live on 17 acres and am starting the search for a new dog and want something with a far less "sharp" temperment than the Briard bitch had. I will take any input that I can; how much excerise do they need a day? Wallking sufficient or do they need to run? How high of a fence would I need to keep them in or would they not go over the fence? How are they with obedience? Live span? Anything you all could tell me the better, just seems like the web sites say the sme thing over and over again.
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New to the Deerhound world 1 year 2 months ago #43346

Hello Rainydawoman

17 acres? wow, a Deerhound would be very spoilt with that amount of land to run on.

I have 1 male from 2005-2013, no recall, but lovely. I now have 2 bitches and their recall is fab. Yes, they need to run, but are not high maintainance in the excercise ranks and do love to sleep. Do you have livestock on the other side of those fences? They will chase things that move, but I suppose you could train them to live alongside livestock? I have a normal 6 foot fence on my garden perimiter, but also have a 3-4 foot fence inside my garden and they have never jumped it, weve never taught them to jump.

Lifespan is 7-10, but its not unusual for them to live longer, I do know of one that was 15.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
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New to the Deerhound world 1 year 2 months ago #43351

Well I have just opened this site after the summer. Hope you find lots of info here. Our deerhound, now 7.5 yrs, has an acre..ish but is too lazy to really use it. She loved to have a good run and almost resented having to keep on walking!! We still do 2 miles a day but her wee pal the terrier is nearly14 and can't do quite as much nowadays.
I think most are pretty lazy given the choice, but they are a wonderful breed.
Good luck!
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New to the Deerhound world 1 year 2 months ago #43359

Hi , I had a deerhound from a pup until he was 8, when we lost him to Bloat. I have another now, who is just a year old.
I have a friend who has 2 that are around 13 years old. They have slowed down a lot , but still get out to stretch their legs.

As far as exercise goes , they do love to run. walking just isnt enough - they will explode if they aren't given the opportunity (especially when they are young)
I have 1.5 acres and that's enough space to let them have a "mad half hour". They are happiest if they have a running partner. Another deerhound is perfect, another sighthound
is great, any largish dog that can put up with attentions of a deerhound is OK. Little dogs are not a good idea.
Majority of the time, they are happy to lounge around the house all day.

A DH will clear a 6 foot gate/fence from a standing start.If you're intending to leave your DH unattended outside, you need 8 foot fences.
Mine have lived inside or spent time outside in a kennel with a pen with 8 foot panels.
Fencing around the property is your normal 4 foot sheep fencing topped with barbed wire. I live next to a sheep farm , so don't have any choice with that.
I have always taught my dogs to jump as I live in North Wales and there is sheep fencing everywhere and DH are far too heavy to lift !

DHs are known to be stubborn as a breed, but I have found that to be an over generalisation. They may take a little longer to train and require a bit more
patience, but both my DHs had/have excellent recall and stock control was also very good. I hunted rabbits with my first DH and he would regularly
run past sheep in a field in hot pursuit of a rabbit. Recall is far and away the most import thing to teach a Deerhound.

Hope this helps - feel free to PM me if have any more questions.

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New to the Deerhound world 1 year 2 months ago #43361

Thank you for the information, we have 17 acres, but most of it is for our horses. Though I am slowly getting rid ot them! So hopefully in a year or so we shall be horse free. We have 4 foot fencing around the horse pasture, not sure if my husband would be willing to put Up more than that for a dog, any dog would not be left out for any length of time unsupervised. It would be nice for mom's dog to have someone to run with. Her briard has more energy than anythinhg I can imagine.
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