Introducing deerhounds to young children.

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4 years 5 months ago #42249 by DMTarquin
DMTarquin created the topic: Introducing deerhounds to young children.
So.. everyone says young children and Deerhounds don't mix because our graceful giants.. lets face it, don't always know where their feet are... (I wonder if my boy will ever learn...)

Anyway we are expecting our first baby in February and was wondering if any of you long time deerhounders have any suggestions for good introduction and practice around newborns?

Things I have been doing with Tarquin since he was a pup (he is 14 months old now)
1.Introduction to small children and toddlers with a command of 'gentle' which implies sitting or lying down, all four feet on the floor, kids approach him instead of him exuberantly greeting them.
2. Introduction to sounds of screaming crying laughing etc (or any loud noises really) accompanied by being calm, getting treats when he ignores it etc.

Anything else you can think of, or I should start considering in advance would be very helpful! :) hoping for both of my 'babies' to get along well!

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4 years 5 months ago #42250 by WendyS
WendyS replied the topic: Introducing deerhounds to young children.
It sounds as if you are off to a flying start with his socialisation with young children.

When my children were born and my grandchildren visited as young babies I always allowed any resident dogs to have a good sniff and lick of their feet. The idea was that they would realise that the babies were part of the pack. Babies can be confusing for dogs because they smell like humans but don't act like humans. Allow the baby plenty of contact with Tarquin but obviously in a reasonably hygenic way and under supervision. When my second child was born I arrived home from hospital about 15 minutes before my son returned from a friend's. I had allowed the dog (colliexGSD) to sniff and lick her feet and then put her in her cradle. My son rushed in with his 2 playmates and leaned over the baby to see her. The dog decided they were too close so nosed her way between the children and the cradle and stepped sideways to leaver them away from the cradle a bit. In that short time the dog had taken responsibilty for looking after the baby. This method of bonding has worked well for me with 3 of my children and 5 grandchildren with numerous dogs including my 3 DH girls.

Dogs can feel jealousy in just the same way that a human child can when a sibling is born so make a lot of fuss of him especially when the baby is around.

Sorry if this is all obvious.

It sounds as if you are going to have a wonderfully busy time. Best wishes dh:) dh:) dh:)

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4 years 5 months ago #42251 by Lurch8252
Lurch8252 replied the topic: Introducing deerhounds to young children.
All good advice and sounds like you are well on the way to preparing for the new arrival, congrats by the way!

We had Murphy as a pup from 2005, our Grandson Ronnie was born December 2009. The day he was due, Christmas Day, Murphy would not leave my sons girlfriend alone, muzzling her tummy and having good long sniffs, ironically she went into labour that night. They stayed with us for a few weeks after and to be honest, we have boundaries in the house. Gates on both the stairs and the living room, so they only have the hall and kitchen to wander. They did come in the living room in the evening, but not the run of the house. This makes it easier when you do bring a baby into the home and the baby can be left in his basket or pram safely. Deerhounds are like any other dog around children, yes we love them like craxy but have to remember that they get jealous like us and have feelings and they also have teeth! I'm sure both baby and dog will live in harmony and your baby will grow up in a happy home with a dog, like mine did, we always had dogs and I find it sad when children are scared of dogs, I feel theyve missed out.

Good luck with everything

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