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TOPIC: Two 8 month old deerhound xs in rescue (GRWE)

Two 8 month old deerhound xs in rescue (GRWE) 3 years 6 months ago #42176

Raven and Reuben are two 8 month old hairy deerhound x lurchers.

Raven is smaller at 24" to the shoulder

Reuben is the larger at 26" to the shoulder

They are being looked after by Greyhound Rescue West of England, link: www.grwe.com/homingWelfar...gsForHoming.asp (you will need to scroll down - Raven is the second dog down and Reuben is the 6th dog down)

The website does not state where they are - as GRWE has numerous branches across England - so you would have to phone and enquire if you are interested.
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