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deerhound cross

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8 years 4 weeks ago #38436 by coastal girl
deerhound cross was created by coastal girl
Hi all

I have a 13 month old Deerhound cross male that I need to rehome due to my ill health. He is an energetic, sparky fella who loves running and having fun. He sometimes can be a bit playful and "in your face" but am sure that is a puppy/maturity thing!! He is neutered and vaccinated but will only go to a home who is knowledgable and able to give him the time/exercise he needs.

I don't think he is cat safe as he is a bit of a chaser! He literally cannot get out on ANY walks as I am just not well enough so I would like to rehome him as soon as possible. We are located in Central Scotland but have friends in the North of England who could help with transportation.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #38440 by Lurch8252
Replied by Lurch8252 on topic Re: deerhound cross
He is absolutely beautiful. I am so sorry to hear that you are poorly, so much so that you have to rehome your obviously loved boy.
Hopefully someone here will be able to help you. I wish you well.

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8 years 2 weeks ago #38517 by Starmaro
Replied by Starmaro on topic Re: deerhound cross
is this young chap still in need of a new sofa?
would be useful to know the cross (is he deerhound & greyhound)
how tall is he and/or his weight
is he good in the house
whats he like on and off the lead
how is he with other dogs and people?

we may be able to help ( we have had lurchers, deerhounds and an irish wolfhound over the last 22 years)

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8 years 2 weeks ago #38520 by Elise

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