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Osteochondrosis Dessicans

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8 years 4 months ago #38519 by Lochie50
Osteochondrosis Dessicans was created by Lochie50
I have just had to put down my 6 month old deerhound pup, Lochie. He had a rough time. He ate a nylon stocking down at the park whilst someone was dogsitting him (I had to rush to Scotland as my wife had taken ill whilst there visiting ). He had a major operation but recovered very well. However I noticed he used to lie down a lot at the park (in Melbourne, Australia) and then I noticed some lameness. I had him checked by the best vets and after suspect HOD it turned out to be OCD of his knees or stifles. I tried a month of medication (Mobic) very strict limited exercise and cut back his diet , but to no avail. It just got worse and I opted for what was meant to be bilateral arthroscopic surgery . It turned out to be bilateral full open knee surgery with his whole back legs shaved . he was not a well boy and after 10 days I could not let him suffer any longer , he could hardly walk and the the knees were really large and full of effusion. The vet was horrified at the day 10 visit (suture removal) and he also advised it was unkind to put the dog through any more. So at 6 months I had to lose him. I am heartbroken as he was the best dog I have ever had. This was my second deerhound , the first one died at 18 months with immunodeficiency related issues (chest infection got him in the end after many other issues including orchitis). Please tell me this breed is not cursed with medical issues, I badly want a nice normal deerhound . I live in Melbourne and will be letting the local club know.
Paul McMenamin

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8 years 4 months ago #38521 by Lurch8252
Replied by Lurch8252 on topic Re: Osteochondrosis Dessicans
What a tough time you have had, I have to say how unlucky you have been and touch wood my 7.5 year old boy has been relatively healthy.
I hope you find a new pup soon and that fingers crossed health wise you don't suffer any of this again.

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