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More fun than owning a deerhound? Surely not!

TOPIC: Poor Vet !...

Poor Vet !... 6 years 3 months ago #35504

It is hard to love Vets, because of their bills, isnt it?
Well, today I was at the Vet with my deerhound for the annual checkup. So nothing seriuos to happen, aside of the bill of course.
He wanted to get in, but then got unsatisfied, because noone came to talk to him. They were all busy with something else than Penticton.
Then ater all, we were asked inside, and the Vet took her time to welcome him, and also a Vet. nurse joined us. The Vet carried a stetoscope, whiuch seemed to have caucht Penticons interest, so she let him sniff to the thing - the listening part. The other part she had in her ears. At the same time, the Vet. nurse showed Penti a goodie, and eager as he was, he barked. His mouth just next to the sensor of the stetoscope, of course.
The Vet did not seem to enjoy it, lets say so.
So, the Vet. lost this battle.

Many years ago my German wirehaired pointer managed to pass the Vet an injection of local anaestecia that was meant for the dog. The Vet just left without a word, and five minutes later anthe Vet came to take over. THe first Vet had got the injection in his right hand, and wasthus out of business for some hours.

Let me hear, has any of your dogs/hounds ever managed to make the Vet. loose?
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Re: Poor Vet !... 6 years 3 months ago #35506

Ha! Very good KimC. Delightful dogs you have :laugh:

Several years ago a Vet, whom I did not care for very much, placed himself at the wrong, ah, angle when expelling my deerhound's anal sac :huh: Got him right in the face :sick:

Must say I didn't mind paying that bill at all :evil: :whistle: :evil:
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