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4 years 11 months ago #43069 by Lurch8252
Golden Paste was created by Lurch8252
Hi everyone

Three weeks ago my 9 year old Border Terrier lost the use of his back legs. I didn't see anything prior to this, but he had been put in the garden with the Deerhounds and I did wonder if they had crashed into him at first as they are clumsy youngsters.
He went to the vet the next day and she conducted a nerve test on him and came to the conclusion that his disc had ruptured, which is a common terrier common. Rather than tell me I needed an £800 MRI, she said to keep him on Metacam (I had been treating him with this) and she would like to see him back in a week.
We were all quite distressed about it, hes such a young 9 year old and we all, especially my grandsons, idolise him and the thought of him never walking again was really sad. He was/is otherwise a healthy boy and we decided that if need be, we would source him some wheels so he can get around.
Then someone told me about this Gold Paste, a Turmeric and Virgin Coconut oil paste. You can make it yourself, but I just ordered a jar from online for £6.99. I was hesitant, thinking it may be a fad, but have read some wonderful things about dogs and humans overcoming illnesses after taking this paste.
It arrived and I started giving him the 1/4 tea spoon of paste a day as stated and fast forward two weeks and he started getting feeling back in his back paws (tickling his feet showed this) Before this his foot was numb and knuckling under him, then miracle of miracles, it seemed to get better slowly.
3 weeks later and he is 95% back to his normal self. I haven't taken him on the bigger walks with the others, but he has a trot across the road to the park a few times a week.
Now I am not sure if this paste did it or not, or it was a bad knock from a Deerhound, but its so worth looking into.
I have also heard of people taking it and their hair which had turned grey had started to come back to its normal colour!!!

If any of you get time, look in to it.

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #43103 by Clunie
Replied by Clunie on topic Golden Paste
Hi Lurch

Sorry haven't been on the Forum for a while, so didn't see your post until today!

On another forum we were asking the question re arthritics in deerhounds and it was suggested the use of Golden Paste. Allan looked into it and made up some of the paste for Clunie who is now 8! (Yikes) and we have been giving it to her and it seems to have helped. However got to admit that Clunie is also on Metacam, but the vet did say that she could have both treatments. However most days she is charging aroung like a young puppy nice to see. Before hand she was struggling to walk for a decent distance.

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