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Short story - Idyll with deerhound in the woods

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8 years 10 months ago #25929 by Wanda
Wanda created the topic: Short story - Idyll with deerhound in the woods
Hi there,

i hope this is the right place to post this item. I am a newbie and I have already intrdouced myself and the hounds. Some of you wanted me to write one of my stories (I wrote two books, and one is with short stories - all adventures with or without dogs) here in English, so that you can read it. I must say that it was very difficult to translate it from German, trying to keep the sense and sometimes even the wordplay ... Even the title was tricky to translate. Well, here it is now. I hope you enjoy it.

Idyll with deerhound in the woods

A walk through the wood with my dog – that is balm for my soul. In the city people were running around hectically, searching fort the last presents in a bad mood – Christmas was right around the corner. Here in the woods the birds were flying free …
Well, we were strolling all in thoughts through a lonely tiny wood. My deerhoundlady Wanda searched for sticks she could carry around. „All over the treetops there is silence“, I rhymed lost in thought. A far-out noise was penetrating my ears, reached my gyrus and forced my eyes to search for the cause. Something green, of medium size and thick was waving to us, letting out a few syllables, that were gone with the wind halfways. The little green thing had a small dog on the leash. You know, whenever a dogwowner puts his dog on the leash, he mostly has his reasons to do so. May be it is a male dog who lunges at all other consexual dogs he meets or its a she-dog who is in mating season … However, I put Wanda on the leash at once, because she had already become aware of this strange gesticulating little man. She loves all people and nearly all dogs, but sometimes her doggy style of saying hello is not well recieved by contemporary. She runs, with her tail waving, straight to the biped, checking the pockets – not too difficult with a shoulder hight of 80 centimeter – sniffing at the crotch hearable and leaning against the body heavily. Those who have not escaped yet, still standing on their two feet, gets a kiss and if tey are unlucky, a blue mark, too.
„… is a male dog …?“, a syllable was just reaching my ears. This question could mean that the tiny dog at his site is a she-dog in her season or an aggressive male dog. I guessed the latter. „This is a she-dog“, I shouted. The communication started, all the silence was gone and I shroughed my shoulders inwardly. „Dog people are never alone for a long time.“ The green man turned out to be a hunter and his dog was a terrier, a German hunting terrier crossbread. At once he put his Bobo of the leash, because: „He likes the big ones, because he can really play with them!“ Bobo showed at once what he was made of. He jumped onto Wanda, his tail held high, bouncing around her, putting his nose deep into her behind, something she does not really enjoy, but she seemed to be so baffled, she forgot to reprimand this lout. While the quadruped introduced themselves, starting a private hunt, the man begun with a monologue about terriers, hunting, vitamines and balanced diet. He knew everything, everyone and did not hesitate letting all people know about that. So we all had what we needed – the terrier had a bunny in the shape of a deerhound and the hunter had a defenceless listener. Bobo started climbing on to Wanda – as well as it was possible for a dog at his size. As the big grey lady joined into the party first, now it was getting too tough for her. She turned her had around towards her back where the naughty little beggar did his games, sending him just one look – that said more than thousand words. Estonishing enough, he stopped for a moment somehow irritated. The hunter breathed in. I used this opportunity to fall into his breathing space explaining what the deerhound originally was bred for. After all I learned that his Bobo hunted wild boar reckless, that there is even a greyhond and a bullterrier in his breed and that these terriers are real villains. My information did not get through to him somehow. He still supposed Wanda was a Wolfhound, „Curd Jürgens had four of them …“ Wanda fared just as badly. Bobo forgot all the dissaproving glances and jumped aginst her yapping. He seemed to take her for a wild boar, and I was the one to be blamed fort hat, according to the hunter. „I have some good advice for you concerning her coat“, he said meaningfully and pointing to the big grey lady, who was just trying to seek shelter behind a tree. „Vitamins and zinc!“, he countered proudly as if it was a devine revelation. Well, it was finally enough for deerhoundladies playing wild boar, and deerhoundowners getting overflown by tirades. „This ist he typically coat of the deerhound“, I shouted at him. And he beated back like a terrier: „Exactly!“ Wanda snapped at the little monster in the terriercoat and he did not seem to be used to such a reaction. „Look, now he defends himelf, he really does not like this at all“, explained the hunter. Ah, I thought, he defends himself, praised be the high tolerance limit of the deerhound. Wanda jumped just at my side. Now it seemed to be enough for both of us. Bobo bounced agsinst my legs, leaving funny spots of mud on my jeans. „This behavior ist typical for the terrier“, was the hunters comment on that. And as I bented forward, to bring Bobo back down to earth, he hastily added: „Oh, no, better not touch him, perhaps next time we meet.“
I gasped inwards just begging: „No please not.“ I said aloud: „I will better go now, because the deerhound tolerance level is high but not unlimited.“, and I whispered, „and neither is mine.“ Wanda followed at once – so did Bobo. I walke a bit faster, Wanda too – so did Bobo. His master trying to lure him with his voice: „Bobo …“ Then he got louder and louder, finally he was shouting out that loud I could hear his tonsils vibrating and see his red face glowing even at a 100 meter distance. „Go away BOBO, go over to your master, Sch…“, I tried to shoo him, of course without touching him. Wanda and I were looking at each other, deciding to go into the direction of the shouting little man in green, because he would explode within the next five minutes or wold have lost his voice. He shouted a last „DOOOOOOOWN“ and put his Bobo on the leash looking al little puzzled. The red colour of his face gave a nice contrast to the green of his clothes. I wanted to recommend him some vitamines at first, but he alredy had turned around to walk away. So I was just wishing him a pleasent and restful Holiday and a nice Christmas.
My big grey hound was walking beside me, giving me a short glance and I gave her a goody. I was glad about Wanda having such a high tolerance level und that we could walk in silence through the woods together finally. No deer, no wild boar, no terriers – nobody just my quiet dog and me.

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8 years 10 months ago #25930 by clyde
clyde replied the topic: Re:Short story - Idyll with deerhound in the woods
It is such a wonderful story!!!!!!!Thank you so much :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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8 years 10 months ago #25933 by Ironstone
Ironstone replied the topic: Re:Short story - Idyll with deerhound in the woods
A delightful story Wanda :) How well you understand the grace and good manners of the deerhound. I look forward to reading your other deerhound tales.

Ironstone Deerhounds

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